Our team has a wealth of skills to support the new and existing business owner.

Timely and relevant business advice is critical to making informed decisions that are right for your business, so it is important that you can rely on it.
McAleer Jackson’s business advice team are responsible for:

Our Business services include:

There are a number of available structures for a business and in order to decide what is best, you need to consider the relative merits of each. Our team will help identify the correct business structure and where that involves a corporate entity, such as a limited company or limited liability partnership (LLP), we can set it up on our client’s behalf, and attend to the company secretarial duties, such as maintaining the statutory books, and filing the appropriate returns with Companies House.

Our team has a wealth of skills to support the new and existing business owner. Bring us your business ideas and we’ll help you to evaluate them in a constructive and realistic way. We can also:
• assess your funding requirements, advise on the best sources of finance, and draw up the necessary proposals
• decide on the most suitable structure for your business
• complete any registration procedures with Companies House and HM Revenue & Customs
• deal with company secretarial issues
• help you develop a good working relationship with your bank
• help you articulate your proposal in a business plan complemented by cashflow and trading forecasts, which support your business proposal

All business owners should have a plan to mitigate the potential financial hurdles that could prove an obstacle to future success. The difficulty often arises in having the time to devote to this exercise but also being able to stand to one side of the business and observe it objectively. We see many businesses and because we have witnessed their successes and difficulties, we are well-placed to review your plans and help to identify the financial pitfalls.
Sound analysis, clear projections, and well-thought out contingency plans enable a business owner to plan for success and adapt to challenges. This is why we encourage our clients to prepare periodic financial forecasts and review actual performance against them. We can help with:
• setting and reviewing long term strategic goals
• annual/monthly profit and cashflow forecasts
• business planning
• monitoring performance and adjusting plans accordingly.

As businesses grow, there can be many reasons why the existing structure might be better arranged to meet its evolving demands. For example:
• expansion means risk mitigation needs to be considered and different structures provide better protection
• to incentivise key management to enhance business performance
• to rationalise the shareholding structure and facilitate retirement for one or more owner managers
• simplifying complex ownership structures by rationalising the ownership through the introduction of a group
• business restructuring for tax purposes

Your business might well be the single most valuable asset that you own but do you know how much it is worth, and what you could do to enhance that valuation? McAleer Jackson has extensive experience in providing business valuations for a variety of purposes including:
• commercial valuations
• to support certain employee incentive schemes (e.g. EMI schemes)
• for inheritance tax planning purposes.

If you are in business, you need to consider your exit strategy and this is something to consider well in advance of your decision to finally call it a day. You will have a number of options and we can help you evaluate them, so that everything is in place at the time you want to act. Specifically, we can help you answer the following questions:
• What is your business worth and how is it valued?
• What are the tax consequences of the sale or generational disposal?
• Do you know what asset to sell – shares, trade or assets?
• What might the sales process mean to you and how do you prepare yourself?
We have an experienced and skilled team who can guide you on how realistic your aims are and suggest how you can plan to realise your aspirations.

We can prepare cashflow forecasts for your own specific use or to present to third parties, such as banks and financial advisers. They provide a handy indication of the day-to-day cash requirements of your business over a given period and often serve to highlight financial implications that might otherwise be overlooked. These forecasts can be tailored for use with new business projections or to help you develop and expand existing businesses.

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McAleer Jackson has advised me on a wide range of areas including incorporation, business plans and financing options. They helped develop my computerised accounting system and have since provided ongoing support and assistance to our accounts staff who have found them both approachable and helpful. More recently they prepared financial projections for a new contract under consideration which was invaluable to me during the strategic planning process.

Jonathan McAuley

S J McAuley Engineering Ltd

McAleer Jackson provided excellent advice and guidance to us and our client. The MJ team quickly grasped the nature of the advice we needed and on the basis of the advice provided, our client achieved an outcome that was significantly in excess of expectation. They have expressed to me their gratitude for MJ’s assistance.

Ailis McKeown

Donnelly & Wall

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