Do the three things you are best at, and outsource everything else.

There is a school of thought that argues you should do the 3 things you are best at, and outsource everything else.
…… and there is some merit in that statement.
Outsourcing your finance department is a much more viable option than it may have been in the past. And there are several advantages, including:

Time Saving.
Trying to stay on top of the backend office functions can become a large distraction from day-to-day management. Outsourcing these will free up your time to focus on running the business, enabling you to get back to what you do best without needing to settle in and manage new employees.

Cost effective.
Outsourcing is generally cheaper than employing a full or part-time finance employee once you factor in tax, national insurance contributions and auto-enrolment (pension) responsibilities, as well as holiday cover and staff losses due to illness.

Reliable information.
Enabling you to make better decisions and to build strong relationships with bankers, lenders, suppliers and the tax authorities.

At McAleer Jackson, our specialist outsourcing team provides help with:

• day-to-day bookkeeping, using cloud accounting software
• payroll services
• VAT returns
• CIS returns
• management accounts
• reporting and budgeting.

The work can be done on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis depending on your business’s requirements and you can outsource as much or as little of your finance team’s responsibilities as you would like.

The arrangement offers peace of mind that your business finance is in good hands. It’s also totally scalable, meaning that you don’t have to deal with the HR issues associated with expanding or contracting a team in line with busy or quiet periods.

Our outsourcing team can also:
• offer advice on cloud accounting technology;
• describe the benefits of outsourcing your payroll;
• review systems and processes to make them more efficient;

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