My Journey

Discover, develop, grow. Make My Journey the start of your journey by joining the McAleer Jackson apprenticeship programme.


Jump straight into the role to learn through on-the-job training

Get to know our varied client base whilst developing core accounting skills.


Secure your qualifications

Secure recognised Accounting Technician qualifications with paid study leave and the support of colleagues.


Goals, priorities, feedback & accomplishments

Set career goals and build experience by working directly with our clients, and our specialist teams of advisors.

Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I remember, Involve me and I learn

- Benjamin Franklin


My Journey?

My Journey is the McAleer Jackson Apprenticeship programme. Launched in 2022 we aim to give clarity to the available routes to accountancy and bring to life the trainee journey in our field.

Have a listen to Colleen’s journey as she chats to Sinead Fox-Hamilton from Chartered Accountants Ireland.

We work closely with SWC and Chartered Accountants Ireland to create the best trainee experience for ATI and CAI Students

How do I apply?

    Some things to think about.

    • Why have you chosen this course?

    • What excites you about the subject?

    • Is my previous or current study relevant to the course?

    • Have you got any work experience that might help you?What life experiences have you had that you could talk about?What achievements are you proud of?

    • What skills do you have that make you perfect for the course?What plans and ambitions do you have for your future career?

    (Files accepted: .doc, .docx, .pdf)

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