• We provide advice on the most suitable structure for your business, whether it be Sole Trader, Partnership, Limited Company, Limited Liability Partnership, etc.

Many clients are keen to know about the advantages and disadvantages of forming a limited company. 

  • Businesses tend to form Limited Companies for two main reasons:-

           1. Protection of Personal Assets, &

           2. Potential Tax Savings.

Recent years within the general business market, and the property market in particular, have taught us of the importance of business owners protecting their personal assets. Limited liability status can be a very effective way in which to do this.

In addition, there can be considerable tax savings to be made through incorporation, through lower tax rates and other tax planning- such as tax treatment of goodwill purchased by the company from the former owners.

We also provide Company Secretarial Services to assist clients with their Companies Office obligations.

Unlike some firms, who may lack the expertise or resources to adequately address these matters for clients, we are proactive in giving clients quality information and advice in these matters.