Following on from the Finance Act 2013, HMRC have just updated their Inheritance Tax returns:-

 –       Form IHT 400 (Inheritance Tax account)

–       IHT 400 Notes (Guide to completing your Inheritance Tax account)

–       Form IHT 419 (Debts owed by the deceased)

 The updated forms should be used from now on.

 In some cases, IHT returns can be complicated to complete, particularly where there is Inheritance Tax due or Inheritance Tax relief available.

 We offer a service to assist solicitors and clients to complete the relevant returns and in some cases it is possible to identify ways to reduce potential exposure to Inheritance Tax, e.g. through the use of Deeds of Variation.

 If we can be of any assistance, for further information, please contact our specialist Tax Department;

 –       Arnold Jackson, Tax Director

–       Emma Coll, Tax Manager

–       Jonathan Potter, Tax Manager

Please click on the link below to be directed to the page on the HMRC website containing the new forms:-