DARD have introduced Tranche 2 of the Farm Modernisation Programme. 

Farmers can apply for Tranche 2 from Monday 18 October 2010 up to Friday 26 November 2010 (6 weeks).

What can Tranche 2 of the FMP fund?

Tranche 2 of the FMP provides financial support towards the purchase of new items of plant, machinery and equipment from a pre-defined list of eligible items.

The list of eligible items for Tranche 2 has been expanded from Tranche 1.

The amount payable will be 40% of the eligible invoiced purchase cost of the item up to the maximum amount payable for an individual item.

The maximum support payable per farm business will be capped at £4,000.

Claims for support of less than £500 will not be accepted. i.e. a claimant has to spend over £1,250 on new equipment to claim support.

 You can obtain further information by selecting the links below.

 www.eugrants.org – online application form

www.dardni.gov.uk/index/grants-and-funding     – download explanatory booklet and application form.